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More effective than the standard bent knee crunch, the Ab Lounge 2 abdominal exerciser focuses the workout strictly on your stomach muscles, keeping your head, neck and back supported. A great way to get a quick, efficient workout on your abs for less. ab lounger

AB Lounge 2 Abdominal Exerciser, $109.00

Ab Lounger 2 Abdominal Exerciser: * More effective than standard bent knee crunches * Supports your body, head, neck and back through the entire exercise * Floor-based position helps you experience total range of motion * Unique rolled steel frame folds for easy storage * Supports up to 250 lbs * Instructional video included for Ab Lounger

About Ab Lounger

The Ab Lounger is one model of loungers made by Fitness Quest. This particular model is one that is Seen on TV.

This is a machine for the abdominal muscles which claims to tighten and tone your upper and lower abs and obliques quickly. According to their ad The Ab Lounger helps to transform flabby abs into sensationally sexy swimsuit abs.

The Ab Lounger is a light weight, 36-pound machine. It is actually less a machine than it is a lounge chair and that is what it looks like. It is a pretty blue color, made of flexible, soft material that will hold a maximum of 275 pounds.

Ab Lounge is a revolutionary new ab machine that tightens and tones upper abs, lower abs and obliques faster than you ever thought possible! Ab Lounge helps to transform flabby abs into sensationally sexy swimsuit abs!

The Ab Lounge's secret is the biomechanically-advanced Jack Knife ab crunch that's clearly more effective than standard crunches. The Ab Lounge Jack Knife works your abdominal muscles with a fuller range of motion than crunches or sit-ups. And the fuller the range of motion, the LONGER your abs are toning and tightening during each jack knife rep. Ab Lounge also strengthens your all-important core muscles - your abs and back muscles where your functional strength originates. A stronger core gives you greater "everyday strength" for the "heavy lifting of daily living" with less strain on your body and back.

Built to last with a rolled steel frame, the Ab Lounge® can support up to 275lbs. Custom foot pedals adjust to match your height.

When you order your Ab Lounge, you'll also get Rosalie Brown's Ab Lounge® workout video with an exclusive progressive jackknife routine designed to streamline your workout as it maximizes your results. The Ab Lounge Jump Start plan designed to “jump start” your journey to a sexy swimsuit stomach. A healthy eating guide filled with diet tips and recipes for a complete lifestyle and fitness program. And a write up of the Ab Lounge University Study commissioned for this program. Read for yourself the proof why Ab Lounge works… and will work for you!

Ab Lounge is a hit with men and women alike and offers something unique for each sex. Men like shaping both their "love handle" obliques and six packs at the same time. Ab Lounge delivers the definition they want. Women love Ab Lounge because it's toning & tightening their abs more efficiently than standard crunches, so you save time. Men and women across America are getting swimsuit abs with the Ab Lounge!

Ab Lounger adjusts to your level of fitness - beginner, intermediate and advanced. It grows right along with your ever-increasing levels of fitness and strength.

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